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I grew up with parents who loved modern design. See that red sculpture in my yard? It’s what I see from the JavaUp test kitchen. And it’s my inspiration. Especially when it rains.

 Chemex, Six Depot and Java Up are brewing the business of coffee in the Berkshires.


Our home was filled with modern art, and of course, the iconic Chemex Coffeemaker was an essential piece of kitchen equipment. The Chemex resides in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent Design Collection. I use mine daily.

The Chemex is a beautiful piece of mid-century modern design that makes incomparable coffee, especially when you use organic, shade-grown beans from Six Depot Coffee, the exclusive supplier for all JavaUp coffee-fueled snacks.

In my opinion, a Chemex pour-over is as good as coffee gets because the beans only come in contact with the scientifically designed filter and the non-porous glass carafe. There’s no sediment, no bitterness. Hot or cold, it’s coffee perfection.

The crazy thing is that not until adulthood, did I know that the Chemex Coffee Maker, designed in 1941, was manufactured in Pittsfield, MA, just a few miles up the road from us in the Berkshires. This family-owned company still manufactures the Chemex Coffeemakers, Chemex bonded filters, Handblown water kettle and Chemex accessories, and distributes them worldwide.

That Chemex, Six Depot Coffee, and JavaUp all live in the Berkshires, is a bit of serendipity that adds joy to my coffee-filled life.

Lisa Newmann

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